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3 Ways to Create a Table in Microsoft Powerpoint (+Image)

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation slide software to use, one of its reliable features is that we can insert various file formats such as: images, videos, tables, graphs, and sketches or diagrams. Creating a table using PowerPoint is as easy as creating a table in Word.

You can enter data in the form of numbers and their descriptions in rows and columns just like when creating a table in Excel. More than that in MS PowerPoint there are also various versions of tables, you can also edit PowerPoint tables according to your dreams and tastes on the file ppt or the pptx. For example, you want to change the table background color or just change the type of border or table line.

Creating tables with PowerPoint will also be easier because it only requires a few steps, besides that, including tables on PowerPoint presentation slides can also make the audience more focused and easy to understand.

How to Create a Table in Microsoft PowerPoint

Excel in PowerPoint. Even though it is programmed in MS PowerPoint, you can still perform the calculation functions properly in MS Excel.

1. Please go to the tab Insert then select Table lastly you hover the mouse pointer downwards to open Excel Spreadsheet .
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