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70+ Alt Key Functions On Laptop / Computer Keyboard

Alternate (Alternative) or Alt which is one of the keys on a computer or laptop keyboard that has a fairly vital role, the function of the Alt key on a computer keyboard or PC itself is quite diverse. Alt is also often combined with other keys.

This is because the Alt key cannot run a command on its own, it needs to be combined with other keys. For example, the button function Alt+F4 which has a function to exit (Exit) a program. The rest is for several variations of buttons such as Alt+Tab , Alt+PgDn , Shift , Ctrl , and more we can learn in this post.

From the description above, the role and function of the Alt and Ctrl keys are not much different. Both for performance and the number of buttons there are also two buttons, right and left.

You can see more about the use of the Alt key on a computer below in the list of Alternative key functions on a computer.

Alt key function

on laptop keyboard or computer as follows.

List of Alt Key Functions On Computer / Laptop

Divided into several categories such as the type of software that is implemented or others, here are the Alternative button functions that you often do.

Computer / Laptop

On your own computer Alt function has various uses, you can try them one by one below.

1. Table Menu
Generally Alt+A keys are used to access the menu table .

2. Friends List
Show the list of friends by pressing Alt+B keys on the keyboard.

3. Chat Box
Open the chat box using the keyboard shortcut Alt+C

4. Favorites menu
Open the favorites menu with the Alt+O key.

5. Exit from Game Application
Exit the game by pressing Alt+Q.

6. File menu
Open the file menu with Alt + F keys, one of the Alternate key functions that you often use.

7. Active Window
Open the active window using the keyboard shortcut Alt+(-) Minus Sign.

8. Minimize Window
Reduce the size of the active software or application window with Alt+Esc Keys.

9. Start Menu
Open the Start menu using Alt+Home keys.

10. From Full Screen to Small
You can switch from full screen to small screen with Alt+Ctrl+Break keys.

11. Task Manager
Open the Task Manager menu on your computer using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del. You can disable some programs that are running on the operating system.

12. Item Properties
You can show the properties of a particular item using the Alt+Enter key function on your Computer keyboard.

13. Shortcut Menu
Now, to display the shortcut menu on the active window type, just type the Alt + Spacebar key.

14. Switch to Another Application Window
You can switch to an active application window, using the Alt + Enter key function on the laptop keyboard.

15. High Contrast
Adjust the brightness level of the computer or laptop monitor using the Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen keys.

16. Help
Open the Help or donate dialog with Alt+H keys.

17. Window Menu
Open menu windows on your computer with Alt+W key.

18. Turning Off Applications or Programs
You can stop or exit a program that is running on your computer by pressing Alt+F4.

19. Insert menu
Bring up the Insert menu with Alt+I keys.

20. Edit Menu
Open the Edit menu using the keyboard keys Alt+E.

21. Switch Tabs in Browser
You can switch from one tab to another in the browser by pressing Alt+Shift+Tab keys on your computer keyboard.

22. Switch Active Programs
The function of the Alt+Tab key combination on the keyboard is nothing but to switch from one active event window to another.

23. Switch Active Programs from Right
The function of the Alt+Page Down (Alt+PgDn) key is to move from one active program from right to left.

24. Switch Active Programs from Left
The function of the Alt + Up key is to move from one active program from left to right.

Microsoft Word commenting

on Ms Word worksheet , please just press Alt+Ctrl+M.

4. Outline View
You can change the appearance of Microsoft Word to outline form by pressing Alt+Ctrl+O.

5. Bullets and Numbering
Well, for make numbering and bullets in Microsoft Word simply by using the Alt+Ctrl+L variation keys on your computer keyboard.

6. Clear All Settings
You can practice this slightly unique Alt key function in Microsoft Word by pressing Alt + Ctrl + K keys.

7. Text Base Color
Changing the appearance of text is slightly different by using the Alt+Ctrl+H key combination.

8. Create EndNote
Well, to make a small note at the end of the page you can use the Alt + Ctrl + D keys.

9. Create Footnotes
Give small notes at the end or footer by using Alt+Ctrl+F keys.

10. Page Layout Toolbar
This Alt key serves to open the Page Layout Toolbar as well as to control the page size that you want to use on a Microsoft Word worksheet.

Microsoft PowerPoint

rotate objects clockwise or to the right by 15 degrees using the Alt+Right key combination (Right Arrow).

6. Rotate Object 15 Degrees to the Left
If at the top to the right now we can rotate the slide object to the left or counterclockwise, it's quite easy by pressing the Alt + Left key (Left Arrow).

7. Tips Notice
You can turn on the Ms PowerPoint usage tips by pressing the Alt or F10 key on your computer keyboard.

8. File menu
Access to Microsoft PowerPoint's File menu tab more easily by pressing Alt+F key.

9. Home Menu
Open the Home menu faster with the Alt+H hotkey.

10. Insert menu
Access the Insert menu more efficiently using the keyboard shortcut Alt+N.

11. Menu Design
Open the Ms PowerPoint Design menu tab by pressing the Alt+G combination key.

12. Menu Transitions
Easier access using the keyboard shortcut Alt+K to open the Transitions menu tab.

13. Menu Animations
Open the Animation menu tab by using the Alt+A hotkey on the keyboard.

14. Slide Show Menu
Manage Slide Show performance more easily using Alt+S keys.

15. Menu Review
Open the Review menu by pressing the Alt + R keys on your keyboard.

16. Menu View
Well, to access the View menu simply use the Alt + W keys.

17. Add-ins Tab
You can use it by pressing Alt+X key.

18. Help
Get help around Ms PowerPoint by accessing the keyboard shortcut Alt+Y.

19. Insert Image
you can insert pictures in PowerPoint slides Use Alt+N,P keys.

20. Insert Shapes
Insert a Shape using the keyboard keys Alt+H,S,H.

21. Selecting a Slide Layout
You can specify the style or style of the slide layout in Ms PowerPoint by using the Alt + H, L keys on the keyboard.

22. Paste Special
Press Ctrl+Alt+V key to access Special Paste in Ms PowerPoint.

Microsoft Excel

Data .

10. Formulas tab
Open this menu using the keyboard shortcut Alt+M.

11. Macros
Press Alt+F8 keys to create macros, edit macros, and delete macros in Ms Excel.

12. Microsoft Visual Basic
Just press Alt+F11 on the computer keyboard.

13. Tips
Open the tip with the Alt or F10 key.

14. New Line in Same Cell
You can create new lines in similar cells in Ms Excel with Alt+Enter keys on keyboard.

15. Error Checking
Use Alt+Shift+F10 keys to check if there are errors in the Ms Excel worksheet.

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Of the many functions of the Alt key on a laptop or computer keyboard, the Alt (Alternate) key functions to execute a command by using another key or variation key. More or less for clarification and its function is not much opposite to the Shift and Ctrl keys on the keyboard. Also Read: Functions of the Shift Key on a Computer Keyboard with Pictures

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