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Functions of the F5 Key on the Keyboard on the Windows Desktop Complete

What does the F5 key do? Ever asked a question like that, the function of the F5 key on a computer keyboard or laptop does vary. Depending on the program that is being opened or executed, for example when opening a Microsoft Excel program, the use of the F5 key will be different when we open Microsoft PowerPoint. More than that on the Windows desktop itself also has a different role.

The F5 key on a computer keyboard is actually a series of keys from F1 to F12 that are neatly lined up at the very top position on a PC or computer keyboard. Each key, either F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, to F12 all have different key roles and functions.

However, sometimes the cause of the damage is due to the entry of stone or water, the computer keyboard keyboard often does not work. Therefore we can use the second alternative if this happens. You can use the Virtual Keyboard on the Windows desktop screen.

The function and role of the button is still the same as usual, it's just that we can't type it directly because it operates from the mouse click itself. Admittedly it is very tiring and impractical, the best solution is you can replace the computer keyboard itself with a new one.

Immediately following are some of the functions of the F5 key on the keyboard on the windows desktop screen.

Uses or Functions ofthe F5 Key On Windows

Keyboard PowerPointpresentation slides .

Microsoft Word : The benefit of the F5 key in Microsoft Word is to find and change or Find and Replace, you can search for or change certain words individually or in whole in a document page.

Web Browser : The F5 command you can perform on web browser page This is useful for refreshing or reloading the page, usually when the page doesn't fully load properly.

Of the many functions of the F5 key on the keyboard above, which one do you often use, usually generally to refresh or refresh the Windows desktop page of the computer. More than that, it turns out that the uses and benefits really vary when applied to an event that is opened. 

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