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Functions of the Shift Key on a Computer Keyboard (+Picture)

The Shift key may not be strange for us to use, moreover the function of the Shift key on a computer or laptop keyboard is indeed very vital and we often use it. This key also often replaces the role of the Caps Lock key, mainly to make the alphabet capitalize in writing text or documents.

In addition, the function of the Shift key on a laptop is also better when we combine it with several keys such as the Tab key, Enter, Ctrl, Alt, and other keyboard keys. The operation is also fairly easy, just press and hold the Shift key so we can do a certain command on our computer desktop screen.

Use the Shift key in computer we also vary, from the ordinary to the great. This is because of the benefits of the Shift key which can prevent autorun viruses which generally come from data storage devices such as flash drives or others.

So what does the Shift key do? The following is an explanation of what the function of the Shift key on a computer is.

Functions of the Shift

Key on the Pencil Keyboard a paragraph by using the Shift key. In addition to writing a title, subtitle, and others that still work with capital letters.

How to Make Capital Letters
  1. You are able to exclusively write script capitalize with the Shift key starting from the letters A to Z.
  2. Please press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard then press any character key that you want to convert into capital characters.
  3. For example here I want to change small A character becomes big A character , then I have to press the . button Shift+A .
Well, if you are tired of continuing to hold down the Shift key. You can use the Caps Lock key to capitalize all letters.

document like Microsoft Word and others.

3. Precision Object Size

Well, the function of the Shift key on this one you may use often, especially for those of you who are struggling in the field of design. Using image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, to Microsoft PowerPoint.

In making objects, we often want the size of the object to be equilateral or not distorted (abstract). Good for creating round or other square shapes.

vertical or horizontally.

numbering .

laptop touchpad doesn't work especially on its broken Right Click chapter.

keyboard shortcuts Shift key, please try pressing the variation key Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch from one active browser window.

You can move around without clicking from the top of the browser window tab, if you only use two variations of the button, the function of the button is Shift+Tab to move from one category to another on all software pages or applications that are run on computers.

From the list of functions of the Shift key on a computer keyboard or laptop above, which one do you often use in your daily activities. The role of keyboard shortcuts is indeed able to simplify and speed up our performance during activities in front of a computer screen. 

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