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How to Automatically Group Data in Excel (+Image)

We often do data grouping to make it easier to analyze the information in the file. For example, when we want to collect the same data such as sorting it by gender, age, value and others automatically. Of course it will be easier and reduce the exact time, therefore it is important for us to know how to group data in Excel.

Grouping data in Excel or filtering data based on certain categories makes it easier for us to show certain data according to certain similarities and requirements. It's even easier you don't need to use a data grouping formula to do it.

I often do this to filter data sets that are important and require more in-depth observation, more than that we can add up the amount of data in Excel with certain requirements. This is really important, especially to compare between existing data file classifications.

How to Group Data in Microsoft Excel

Excel . You can follow this tutorial.

Steps to Sort Excel Data from Small to Large

1. Still in the filtered data column, please open it again Dropdown menu to open the filter command. Just select the command Sort A to Z to sort data from smallest to largest.
How to Change the Default Font in Microsoft Excel

The tutorial on how to classify data in Microsoft Excel using Filters may be able to make it easier for you to classify and sort data from small to large or from large to small as needed. Also Read: How to Create a Bar Chart in Microsoft Excel

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