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How to Change the Default Font in Microsoft Excel Easily

Tired of the Microsoft Excel default font style or style and intend to change the Excel default font. Don't worry, in this Office tips article, we will change the Calibri MS Excel font with your own font according to taste.

Setting the default font in Excel can indeed be done easily, changing the font style itself is usually done when the job demands that you use a certain type of font as a supporter of the default writing style. As a result, we don't have to bother changing the font every time we create a new document file.

On the Excel or Worksheet page, we have a little trouble finding the settings menu to change the default font. This is because the layout is outside the worksheet, for more details you can see the steps to change the default font in Microsoft Excel below.

How to Change the Default Font in Excel

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Well, it's also important to know that on this page you can also change Excel default font size on chapter Font size right under the default font type selection.

It's not easy to change the default Excel font, usually it's not only Microsoft Excel that you can change but also MS Word and PowerPoint as well. Also Read: How to Set Enter Spacing in Word

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