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How To Change Inches To Cm In Microsoft Word (+Image)

The inch unit of measurement is often used as the standard of measurement throughout the world, so it is not surprising that data processing programs such as Microsoft Word also apply it. However, this is often an obstacle for those of us who often use the standard unit of measurement in centimeters (CM), where we have to convert inches to cm in Microsoft Word first.

Usually this problem often arises when we want to make margins or paper borders in Ms Word. Well, responding to this, of course, we have to change the margin from inches to cm in Word first. There are several ways to change inches to cm that you can do, moreover it is very easy for you to apply because it only takes a few steps in Word.

Just a few images about the margins which are the upper, lower, right, and left boundaries usually have a range of distances that are not much opposite and if in inches we will have trouble determining the size because sometimes the size is under 1 inch for the margin.

In this guide on how to convert inches to centimeters in Microsoft Word, you can apply it to all models of Microsoft Word starting from 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. This is because basically all of them are the same, there are no significant differences.

How to Convert Inches to Centimeters in Word

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After converting inches to cm in Word 2016, you can also do all the other models as above. As an image, the following tutorial if applied to Ms Word 2007 below.

Steps to Convert Inches to CM in Ms Word 2007

1. Open Microsoft Word 2007, you can double click on the program.

2. After opening, please click the office button (Office Button) to open the Word document settings. If in Word 2016 it's called the File tab, maybe that's the only difference.
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From the two versions of Ms Office above, the tutorials are still the same with each other, the difference is usually only in the appearance of the Word.

This guide on how to change inches to cm in Word hopefully can help you control the document margin size in Microsoft Word. That's all for this edition of Word tips and see you in another guide on the Gaskuy.com page. 

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