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How to Clean a Complete Laptop Fan [Recommend]

Laptop fan beeping loudly? That is one sign that the laptop fan is dirty. Fan blades that have been filled with dust, generally make a fairly loud noise. As a result we need to clean the laptop fan so that the fan noise is not noisy.

There are several ways that we can do to clean the dust on the laptop fan, either by opening the components or without disassembling the laptop element.

Well, this time the Gaskuy page will discuss the two methods.

However, before that there are some preparations that must be done before cleaning the laptop cooling fan.

Laptop Fan Cleaning Tools

There are several tools or tools that must be used to clean the dust on the laptop fan, including:


You can use a brush with soft and soft bristles to clean the laptop fan blades.

Can use a special brush or painting brush that can be obtained at the building store.


Also prepare a small container as a place to put laptop parts, for example to store nuts.

Try to provide several separate containers for each nut, either for the casing or for other nuts.

Drei (Screwdriver)

Also prepare a plus or min screwdriver to open the laptop case, usually small.

Use a screwdriver with the right size, not too big or small because it can destroy the development of the nut (ledes).


Also provide a cloth as a complementary tool to clean the fan to make it more shiny.

Choose cotton or soft and smooth fabrics.

If you have prepared all the equipment, it is time for us to clean the dirty laptop fan.

How to Clean a Laptop Fan how to

attach the motherboardto the computer case followed by a picture.

The role of the fan on a laptop

how to clean computer RAM pins correctly what you must read if your Android phone's RAM is dealing.

Apart from that, there are various benefits that we can get after cleaning this laptop fan, one of which is so that the laptop does not heat up quickly because the circulation of hot air exhaust is hampered by the debut.

You can practice this tutorial on how to clean a dirty laptop fan due to powder for all laptop brands from Microsoft, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, MSI, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, and others.

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