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How to Clean Computer Ram Pin With +Image Eraser

Your computer or PC is slow and often bluescreen can be caused because the RAM pins are dirty, therefore it is important for us to clean the computer regularly, including cleaning the RAM pins using an eraser. A little review about what RAM pins are, this computer RAM pin is in the form of a small rectangle neatly lined up at the foot of the RAM where the RAM meets the memory slot.

Cleaning computer ram with an eraser is an alternative for those of you who often experience computer performance problems, often we only look at it in terms of system software. This problem is usually because the computer's RAM is full of program or application data, so we need to free up space to relieve and stretch the computer's performance. But often the effort to wash RAM with RAM cleaner software is actually not enough to make your laptop do the job shorter. Moreover, there are problems caused by technical problems such as dirty and dusty computer parts.

Random Access Memory or RAM serves as a temporary storage area in computer memory. RAM components also play a role in stretching computer performance, especially when you often use applications that require large RAM channels.

Cleaning the RAM pins or RAM pins is a mandatory thing that you can do for a few months or if your computer has looked very dirty which means it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Can use a special computer cleaner or a soft cloth.

Immediately following the tutorial on how to clean the RAM pins of your laptop or PC.

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