How to Control Margins in Word for Thesis & Papers

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Already know how to control margins in Microsoft Word? At this potential, the Gaskuy blog will review it from the stage of creating to changing the size of the border of the page or paper.

Setting the page margin size in Ms Word itself is actually quite easy to do, we can customize it in the Layout menu.

More than that, making margins in Word, especially for types of documents that are bound or only in the form of pages that are printed on both sides, are all in the Ms Word Layout menu. You can also change the margin size from Inches to Centimeters and vice versa.

Apart from that, you can also use all of these guidelines for controlling margins in Word to create useful papers and thesis for those of you who are in the final role of college.

As for controlling the margins of this paper or thesis, generally using a standard margin size of 4-4-3-3 or 4-3-3-3 for Top-Left-Bottom-Right.

Well, for the paper size or paper that is used generally is the A4 size format.

For those of you who want to know how to set margins on a Microsoft Word worksheet, here's a guide.

How to Set Marginsin Microsoft Word

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2. Changing Page Margins

The next stage we will change the page margin size in Mircosoft Word, according to our dreams of course.

1. Go to menu tab Layout , then enter the dropdown menu Margins and select Custom Margins .

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3. Setting the Page Margins

If you want to create a book or magazine, you may need these tips for controlling the margins on the book's pages.

This margin setting allows you to control the margins on each side of the page back and forth along with odd and even page volumes.

Well, to be more leverage you can use Gutter Margin. Please use it if the binding is difficult to run because it requires a large enough space. Usually this margin is located on the odd page on the left and the gen page on the right.

1. Open tab Layout in Ms Word then open the dropdown menu Margins and select Custom Margins .

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4. Setting the Bounded Page Margins

Not much different from the above but it is more specific for binding pages so they don't get cut off.

This is because we can show more space on the left and top margins of the bound page.

1. As before open the menu tab Layout then select Margins and click Custom Margins .

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How to Set Thesis and Paper Margins in Microsoft Word

1. First open the Ms Word application, then select create a blank worksheet or Blank documents .

2. Go to the menu tab Layout then select Margins and scroll down for Custom Margins in Word.

How to Convert Inches to Cm in Word

If you have successfully adjusted the margins to the CM size scale, please enter the margin size for this thesis or paper.

Paper and Thesis Margin Size in Word
  • Top (Top): 4cm
  • Left: 4cm
  • Bottom (Bottom): 3cm
  • Right (Right):3cm how to control
the spacing betweenwords in Ms Word messy to make it more neat and easy to read.

Now you have successfully created margins in Word for your paper or thesis, besides that, other commonly used size formats are margins 4-3-3-3 .

Well, the settings are more or less the same, just opposite in terms of size.

Tips how how to create a border in Word in accordance with the margins of the document page so that it is neat.

Setting margins on a Microsoft Word worksheet is the first thing you should do before creating a document.

Usually, after controlling the margin, many ask how to return the original margin size or reasonable margin size.

Also read tips how to create letterhead in Word for agencies or offices complete with logos.

How to Set Margins to Normal Size

It's easy, you just open the menu tab Layout then click Margins last select Normal .

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Well, so that a brief guide on how to control margins in Microsoft Word can help you complete assignments at school or college.

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