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How to Create Automatic Numbers in Excel Practically

How to give automatic numbers in Microsoft Excel can be run with various tricks, one of the most frequently used is using the mouse drag and drop function.

In addition, to automatically create serial numbers in Microsoft Excel, we can also use formula functions which this procedure is rarely done.

We discuss this method because if we fill in serial numbers in Excel manually one by one, it takes a long time and is definitely tiring.

Therefore we need a little trick to enter the serial number in Excel to make it easier and faster, of course.

For those of you who happen to often create tables in Ms Excel both in notes or receipts to making a table of contents, you really need this tip to speed up your performance in including serial numbers in Excel worksheets (Worksheet).

Immediately, the following tips make automatic numbering in Excel

How to Create AutomaticSequence Numbers in Microsoft

Excel how to create a tablein Excel with similar sizes sure neat.

Generating Sequential Automatic Numbers (Multiple Numbers)

1. Just as before, we open the Ms Excel worksheet.

2. After that enter the numbers in the number column, for example, we want to sort the numbers like this: 2, 4, 6, 8, etc..

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Generating Continuous Automatic Numbers

1. Open a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

2. Enter the numbers in the order that already exists, for example in the table there are already numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

how to make a table in Microsoft PowerPoint
for a more attractive presentation.

Generate Sequential Automatic Numbers Up to Thousands of Rows

1. Open the Microsoft Excel application.

2. Finish creating the table, you can type the number 1 at the top in the numbering column.

how to group data in excel automatically let's go faster.

Generate Excel Auto Numbers with Formulas

1. Prepare the Excel table that you created earlier.

2. You hover right below the text Number.

subtraction formula in multi-column excel which you must try.

Actually, there are other formulas that we can use to sort numbers automatically in Ms Excel, for example using the Subtotal function, but I think this is enough if it's only for arranging numbering in Excel worksheets.

This guide on how to create automatic serial numbers in Microsoft Excel can help you sort numbers quickly and practically in an Excel worksheet table (Worksheet).

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