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How to Create a Background in Word Using Images & Colors

How to make a background in Microsoft Word? You will find out the answer in this discussion in full. Adding a background or background using your own image or just a color contribution, obviously gives a dazzling impression to a document display in Ms Word.

The default Ms Word background, which is only plain white, is bright and not pleasing to the eye, by adding a background according to taste, it can certainly beautify the worksheet in Word. In addition, you can also show the effect of a watermark or watermark on a background. More than that, you can also do a transparent or translucent background-like effect.

Benefits of Adding Backgrounds in Microsoft Word

There are several benefits of using this background or screen, including:
  1. The appearance of the worksheet becomes more attractive to look at with the addition of a background.
  2. Clarify the meaning or show a situation that is brighter than the written strokes conveyed.
  3. Creating a background in Word makes the document more formal and official.
So there is no harm in us including the background in our Ms Word worksheet.

Immediately following the tutorial on creating a background in Microsoft Word.

How to Create a Background in Microsoft Word

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III. How to Create a Watermark in Word

Well, for those of you who want to add a watermark on a Microsoft Word document worksheet. It is usually useful to show the label of the author of the document as to protect the file from piracy.

1. Open your Microsoft Word for a new worksheet or open old files is also fine.

2. You can open the menu tab Design to open it, please click on the dropdown menu Watermark . In section Confidential You choose the style or style of the watermark, whether it's diagonal (diagonal) or straight horizontally, it's also available.
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You can practice creating this background in Word on all versions of Microsoft Word starting from 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 on your computer or laptop.

Tutorial on how to make a background in Microsoft Word using your own image coupled with the use of a colored background can of course make the appearance of MS Word documents more exclusive. In addition, the addition of a security watermark or watermark on a Microsoft Word worksheet can certainly show a sense of security in every document that we create, especially for documents that are secret or have copyright protected. Also Read: How to Write on Microsoft Word Images

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