How to Create a Bar Chart In Microsoft Excel (+Image)

author photo Juli 28, 2022
Bar charts or bar charts are more commonly found in statistics, although sometimes in common situations, for example, for a presentation, we also need an easy image to provide a data set consisting of numbers and strokes. That's why many of us try to apply it with the help of data processing programs, including one by making bar charts in Microsoft Excel.

This software made by Microsoft Office does have many advantages, especially in terms of convenience, often when we process a lot of data that requires detailed comparisons we can easily get it in MS Excel. Bar charts in Excel also have a variety of combinations such as dazzling colors and versions.

Bar charts also make it easier for us to summarize a lot of data that is fluctuating or up and down, the reason is that it is easier to submit a summary of a disbursement of funds in the form of a diagram. You can create bar charts using Excel very easily, especially how to edit charts in Microsoft Excel is also fairly easy and fast.

In this tutorial series, we will focus on creating bar charts in Excel only, although we can also create bar charts in Word and PowerPoint. Maybe we will discuss in another tutorial.

How to Create a Bar Chart in Excel

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Types of Diagrams in Microsoft Excel Complete

Actually, there are still many types of diagrams (Graphs) in Microsoft Excel that you can use, at a glance there are only a few types like the ones below.
  1. Column charts
  2. Line charts
  3. Pie charts (Pie charts)
  4. Bar charts
  5. Field Diagrams (Area charts)
  6. Spread Charts (XY Scatter charts)
  7. Stock Charts (Stock charts)
  8. Surface charts
  9. Donut charts
  10. Bubble charts (Bubble charts)
  11. Radar charts (Radar charts)
Of the many types of diagrams above that are often and commonly used include pie charts, bars, lines, and columns.

How to make a bar chart in Microsoft Excel easily and quickly so that it can help you, the use of this chart is very suitable to be applied to data types accompanied by final report figures each time.

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