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How to Create a Catalog (Product List) in Word Complete

Product catalogs don't sound crazy to our ears anymore, this catalog or catalog does have a fairly helpful role in listing product or item lists to make it easier to read and search. Therefore, we will talk about how to create a catalog in How to Remove Comments in Word

It's not very easy to create a catalog using Microsoft Word, it only takes a few steps to complete.

It must be admitted that cataloging from Microsoft Word is a little limited in terms of template options, this is different when we use Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDraw. However, basically everything remains the same and can be used to create catalogs for example for clothing, shoes, to food products.

The end of how to create a catalog with Microsoft Word, you are now able to create your own catalog for each product according to your dreams, of course. In making this product catalog, it will be easier to use a laptop or computer, because making a catalog through a cellphone is certainly more complicated. Also Read: How to Adjust Spacing in Messy Word and How to Display Ruler in Microsoft Word

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