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How to Create a Colored Table In Excel Automatically (Easy)

Tables (Tables) are often used to group important data, for example, for a summary of the marketing of goods at the end of the month. The table format that only contains rows and columns of course makes it easier for us to read a report. In this regard, the Gaskuy.com page will share tips on how to easily create tables in Microsoft Excel and are very suitable for beginners or those who are new to this Microsoft data processing program.

Well, to create a table in Excel to make it neat and look more professional. You can give color to the Excel table, especially in the header or table head.

Moreover, in making tables in Ms Excel, the problem of choosing a style or style must also be observed, adjusting to the existing document format is an obligation.

Apart from that, editing a table in Excel is also really easy, you just need to thicken the line or table border according to your dreams.

Well, to maximize the creation of tables on Microsoft Excel worksheets, it's a good idea to do it on a laptop or computer. Because if the Android phone itself is not optimal and the interface is too small.

Let's go straight to the stage of how to create a table in Excel with a similar size for Windows users.

How to Create aTable in Microsoft

Excel How to Createa Table in PowerPoint to convey the issue to the audience more catchy.

2. Automated Excel Tables

We continue from the guide above, this time we will create a table automatically by using the Insert menu tab via the Table function. Through this feature, it is also easier for you to organize tables because there are only a few that need to be adjusted, here are the steps.

1. Enter data first in rows and columns in your Microsoft Excel worksheet, let alone first.

2. After that you open the menu tab Insert .

how to create a bar chart in Microsoft Excel this.

3. Create a Stylish Excel Table

Change the appearance of the table style to be cooler and more stylish with the combination of the Format As Table feature and the Borders feature for a more professional table style blend, especially for those of you who want to present in front of the ordinary.

1. As before, we first select the data we want to enter into the table.

2. After that you open the dropdown menu As Table Format then choose a style or table style according to your taste, here I determine Gold, Table Style Medium 12 .

How to classify data in Ms Excel quickly and accurately that you can try to practice right now.

4. Create a Table in Excel with Formulas

The Ants page is still lacking, adding one more tip to make Excel tables easier, especially if the data is in the form of numbers that need to be calculated for a product income and expense report.

1. You first create the table, then create the column Total to calculate the amount of a data as a whole.

2. After that you click on the first row total column then enter the formula SUM addition by writing the sign Equal (=) .

As for the formula is as follows.
Here I apply it like this, I adjust it to the location of the cells in the table that I made, so the formula is like this. You can also replace the plus sign with the multiplication sign (*) or division (/) only as needed.

The way to do it is quite easy, you just enter the sign equal to (=) as the basic command of the Excel forecast formula.

how to create formulas in Ms Word complete covering mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Well, a few tips to quickly add up the numbers in an Excel table. You click on the bottom right corner The result of the sum, in this example is 500 number box .

Excel saving formula automatically complete with tricks.

How to Edit a Table in Microsoft Excel

If you have successfully created a table, it is time for you to carry out editing or editing the Excel table. You can change the performance of Ms Excel tables, from selecting column and row colors to characters or fonts. As for more information, please read the brief guide below.

Coloring an Excel Table

1. After creating the table, you selection of column or row chapters which one you want to give or change the color.

how to create a table in word accompanied by supporting images.

Changing Table Font Size

1. You select the text or text that you want to increase or decrease the font size.

2. Here I try to change the font size of the table header, you go to the menu tab Home then select Fonts and scroll down to select the desired Font size.

how to change excel default font for pen strokes easy to read and not painful to the eye.

Renaming Table

1. You go straight click on table area The Ms. Excel. Then we will automatically be taken to the menu tab Design .

how to convert PDF file to Excel online or offline with an application and without an application on a cellphone or PC.

Delete Excel Table

Many have asked how to delete a table in Microsoft Excel, here's a brief review that is divided into several sub-classifications.

A. Delete the whole table

1. Press the variation button (Ctrl+A) on the keyboard then Right Click Mouse choose Delete .

delete table in Excel quickly and easily.

The rest we can also make the table in Excel not move with the Freeze Panes feature which allows the table to not move easily because it has been frozen.

Also see how how to remove all lines in Microsoft Excel easily and quickly to make it more delicious to read.

The need for reports in tabular form at school or in the office has indeed become commonplace, this is because reading data in tabular format is easier to understand and more concise.

Melalui panduan singkat cara menciptakan tabel di Microsoft Excel setidaknya kita jadi lebih tahu bagaimana memaksimalkan fitur dan fungsi yang terdapat dalam lembar kerja atau work sheet Ms Excel.

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