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How to Create Degree Symbols in Microsoft Word (+Image)

Making the Celsius degree symbol may be very easy for us to do on a regular sheet of paper, but what if we want to insert the symbol or sign in a data processing program such as Microsoft Word.

Well, in this guide we will review how to write degree symbols in Word really easy and fast for sure.

When we try to enter the degree symbol in Ms Word, we have a little trouble, this is because the computer or laptop keyboard is not available.

Some of them resemble the rupiah, th, 1st, phi, tick or tick symbols and other symbols that are still related to writing a physics or math formula.

No need to wait too long, let's just discuss the tutorial on how to type the degree symbol in Word easily.

How to Create Degree Symbols

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1. Superscript

This first method is highly recommended to try, this quick way to make degree symbols in Word is very easy and easy because it only uses a combination of keyboard keys.

Steps to create a degree symbol in Word

1. Open the Microsoft Word data processing program on your computer or laptop.

2. After that you type freely, here I write the number 100 degrees Celsius as an example.

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2. Symbol

This second alternative we will use the convenience of the menu found in Ms Word. Not only the degree symbol, but you are also able to make Arabic writing in Microsoft Word.

Steps to write degree symbol in Ms Word

1. Please open the Menu tab Insert similar to the image below.

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3. Equation

Maybe for those of you who often enter mathematical formulas such as creating orders or others, of course you are already familiar with this Equation feature.

Well, it turns out that in this function we are able to make degree symbols too. Here's the guide.

Steps to insert degree symbol in Microsoft Word

1. Please open the Menu tab Insert on the Ms Word sheet.

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Well, supplement tips if you use it in large enough quantities. You can use the copy and paste function.

The use of this symbol is often applied to data processing programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Tutorial on how to get the degree symbol in Microsoft Word to be able to help you. It's now easier than ever to write the Celsius or Fahrenheit symbols on your document worksheet.

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