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How to Create Formulas in Word Math Physics & Chemistry

Ms Word is known as the best word processing program or application, this is not an exaggeration considering the many features it brings. One of them is that we are able to create formulas in Microsoft Word really easily and quickly.

Equipped with Equation Tools that function to insert or write formulas such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and so on in Microsoft Word worksheets.

Creating formulas in Microsoft Word itself is quite easy because many formulas or equations that we can enter are similar: sigma and mean formulas, long division, to economic formulas.

Well, to be able to activate Equation in Word you can access it via the Insert menu tab. More than that, you can create formulas in Word more freely because this feature already exists and supports all models of Microsoft Word starting from 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

More than that, for tips on writing formulas in Word to be neat and fast, you can use the copy and paste technique. Especially when faced with many of the same formulas and that's all.

Immediately, the following is a complete guide to making formulas in Microsoft Word.

How to make formulasin Microsoft word

how to make romannumerals in Ms Word which you can try to practice.

Immediately following the instructions for entering formulas in Ms Word that you can try.

Steps to Create Formulas in Ms Word

1. Please go to the Insert menu tab then you select Equation (Alt+=) .

how to make a bar chart in Excel which might be able to speed up your work.

3. If you have and you are successful in practicing it, the risks will be like this.

how to create a table in PowerPoint hopefully more stylish and more professional.

6. Then the risk will automatically come out 2 pieces top and bottom boxes . You click on the box button to enter the number or numbers you want to calculate.

how to create degree symbol in word complete with pictures.

Congratulations, now you have successfully created a simple formula in Microsoft Word, for other calculation formulas you can adjust by selecting other formulas such as Script, Radical, Integral, Large Operator, Bracket, Function, Accent, Limit and Log, Operator, Matrix, and others.

It's not easy to create formulas in Microsoft Word, you can be creative by writing mathematical formulas ranging from simple ones to entering more complex formulas such as chemistry and physics.

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