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How To Create Letterhead In Word For A Complete Office

Have you ever received letters from forums or agencies such as offices and schools to companies. If you have, try to pay attention to sure it is different from ordinary or direct letters, the letter outline is more complete with a letterhead or letterhead.

Well, for those of you who want to know how to make the letterhead? Calm down the Gaskuy.com page tries to show you the solution by using the Microsoft Word application which is very familiar on our laptops or cellphones.

How to create letterhead in Microsoft Word itself is very easy to do, especially the chapters of the letterhead only contain the name of the agency, logo, address, telephone number, email, facsimile, and the official website.

As for the size of the KOP for official office letters, it is usually seen from the upper margin of 2cm, bottom 2cm, right 2cm and left 3cm. Especially for the header section, the standards for each agency are usually different, as well as the footer chapter.

The rest for those of you who want to create letterhead in Ms Word, you can prepare several things such as:

Formal Letterhead Letterhead Parts

  1. Office Name
  2. Office Logo
  3. Office address
  4. Office Email Address
  5. Office Phone Number
  6. Office Fax
  7. Office Official Website

The things above you must prepare in advance, this means that you can trust the institution or agency to be able to account for the truth.

You can use this tutorial on making letterhead in Word for all models of Microsoft Word from 2007, 2010, 2013, to 2016.

So how do you create the correct official letter KOP? Here's the review.

How to MakeLetterhead in Microsoft

Word displayingthe ruler in Word first by going to the menu tab View then check on the box Ruler .

how to convert Inches to CM in Ms Word .

5. The next step you enter the menu tab Home then enter all data such as company name, address, phone number, email, website address, and others.

how to create a border in Word according to the margins to keep the text neat and untruncated.

12. The result will generally be like this, the appearance of the line or border will be cut off.

how to remove lines in excel easily and practically guaranteed clean.

How to Make Letterhead in Microsoft Word Automatically

Another alternative is to make letterhead in Word which may be easier than before, because we will use the existing templates in Ms Word.

Steps to Make Letterhead with Templates in Microsoft Word

1. Please open the menu tab File on MS Word.

2. After that you go to the menu tab chapter New then select Letters .

3. In chapter Letters Here you can choose what letter template you want to use.

4. You choose what letter template you feel fits your needs, if you press the button Create .

5. Well, it's at this stage where you can edit the letter template. From letterhead to chapter footer.

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One of the disadvantages of this method is that it is difficult for us to adjust to our will. This is because we only use the default Microsoft Word template.

Apart from that, you are also able to make letter KOPs with 2 logos, generally this applies to private schools, one for the school logo and the other for the education office logo. More than that, for other agencies that are still collaborating between one company and another.

So that the document looks neater, see also how to control the spacing between words in word messy easily and quickly.

How do you think about how to make official letterhead in Microsoft Word, it's really easy, isn't it because it's been supported by additional pictures to make it easier to understand.

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