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How to Create More or less Symbols in Word (±) Automatically

Symbols or symbols are often used in writing mathematical formulas or only in plain text. However, it is not an easy problem to enter symbols in word processing applications such as Ms Word. In this regard, the Gaskuy.com page will provide tips on how to easily create the symbol in Microsoft Word.

Well, to enter more or less marks in Ms Word itself can be said to be quite practical. Moreover, we can also create more or less symbols in Word automatically through the settings menu that we have applied previously.

So we no longer need to be tired of doing the settings, just one time and the symbol will appear automatically in the Microsoft Word worksheet.

Apart from that, by default the more or less sign is not available on a computer or laptop keyboard, so don't be surprised if we have trouble finding the location of the more or less symbol on the keyboard.

Immediately, here are tips for entering symbols more or less in Microsoft Word that you can try.

How to Make More LessSymbols in Word how

to write Arabic scriptin Microsoft Word accompanied by a complete vowel or punctuation mark.

But if you write more or less symbols in Word in a similar way, it's certainly quite time consuming and complicated too.

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Well, for that, there are tips for typing symbols more or less in the Ms Word document quickly and easily, here's a review.

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How to Automatically Insert More or less Symbols in Microsoft Word

1. Please you symbol block approx then right mouse click choose Copy (Ctrl+C) .

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How to Use the Less Than Symbol in Microsoft Word

However, sometimes this feature is also a bit of a hassle. The reason is if you use the code shortcut with the usual or frequently used button.

For example, if you set it to use the dot (.) key to invite symbols in Word, it can be specified that when you type plain text the symbol will always appear and clearly the period will not appear.

Therefore, make sure you use a variety of keyboard shortcuts that are rarely used.

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However, if you are overdue you can still use orders Undo (Ctrl+Z) to make the writing return natural .

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for more professional Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature writing.

It's quite easy, isn't it, how to create a more or less symbol in Microsoft Word, more than that, through the right settings, you can use the plus minus symbol automatically in the Ms Word worksheet.

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