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How to Create Outlines In Word For Signatures & Letterheads

Every time you create a document in Ms Word, it is not only about writing, but also the design or format must be appropriate. From that all the addition of a straight line is a mandatory thing that is often carried out. However, unfortunately there are still many who do not know how to make the line in Microsoft Word.

There are many document formats that require this straight line either horizontally or vertically, such as for the signature area, the bottom line of letterhead, the outline of a book similar to that of a book.

More than that, there are also several techniques for creating lines in Word to make them neat and professional-looking, one of which is by following the paper margins.

Another technique for including lines in Ms Word is choosing the right line type, because each line style has its own meaning. For example, for the dotted line which is commonly used as a paper cutting area.

As for confirming it, you can thicken the line in Microsoft Word up to a few px.

For those of you who want to know how to show or show lines in the Microsoft Word worksheet, here's a review from the AntCut page.

How to Make Lines in Microsoft

Word How to removelines in Ms Excel easily.

2. Letterhead Boundary

One pattern of using straight lines in Word is at the boundary of the letterhead for official letters, usually there is a thick straight line as the boundary between the letterhead and attachments.

As for the trick to make a line in Word for a letterhead for an official office or company, it's very simple, here's a guide.

1. Go to the menu tab Insert then open the dropdown menu Shapes and select Line , as shown below.

how to show ruler in Microsoft Word really easily.

But if you want to make a dotted line in Word, you just have to replace it with the option Dash on chapter Dashes .

how to make letterhead in word using the Page Border technique for straighter and neater lines.

3. Book Frame Line

The use of lines in Microsoft Word worksheets can also be applied to create frames or Word page border .

Well, to create a line in Word like on the page of the book. There are several steps that you can follow below.

1. Go to the menu tab Design then go to Page Borders .

How to control margins in Ms Word for correct papers and thesis according to legal format.

4. Top and Bottom Lines

You can also create stacked lines up and down by using the Intense Quotes feature in Ms Word.

This line is intended to show emphasis on a sentence or quote on a document page.

1. Please open the menu tab Home .

how to make a table in PowerPoint faster and easier for sure to be accompanied.

Not interesting enough, this feature is to mark important sentences so that they are easy to find.

As a sweetener, there are a few tricks that you can use to quickly draw lines in Microsoft Word, here are the explanations.

Tricks to Draw Lines in Word Quickly

In this technique we will take advantage of the Auto Format feature, as for the operation, it is enough to type some special letters on the keyboard.

how to remove red line in Microsoft Word which annoys you while reading document files.

These keyboard shortcuts are very helpful in speeding up your work, at least you don't have to bother putting things in order one by one.

However, this shortcut does not work when combined with text, so it must be a full one line only in the form of lines without text. The solution is that you can use it for writing different lines or top and bottom text.

The usefulness and benefits of lines in Ms Word worksheets do have various functions in addition to making the results of the pen strokes look neater. Apart from that, by recognizing a little how to make lines in Microsoft Word, at least we have no difficulty when typing a document or book. For example, for working on official letters which contain many lines such as letterhead boundaries to places for signatures.

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