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How to Create a Watermark in Excel Transparent Pen Scratches & Logo

Watermarks or watermarks are divided into two types, namely pen strokes (text) and logos (images) that are embedded in solid or transparent form. Related to this, this time we will try to create a watermark in Microsoft Excel in an easy and complete way.

Watermarks on a document file are often used to show copyright labels to protect against theft and piracy. Apart from that, Microsoft itself does not offer a tool feature to add a watermark in Excel.

However, the Gaskuy page will share a few tips for making watermarks in Ms Excel in the form of text or logos.

You can use these tips and guidelines for offering watermarks in Microsoft Excel for all Ms Excel models from 2007, 2010, 2013, to 2016.

How to Create a Watermarkin Microsoft Excel how to

insert an image on aPowerPoint presentation slide as a supporter of the presentation to the audience, hopefully it will be more convincing.

Just make a supplement if you feel the watermark logo is not good enough, you can change watermark in Excel it in the way below.

Please click on Headers &Picture then select Picture , then you will automatically get a celebration notice.

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2. Create a Text Watermark (Text)

If we have learned to insert a logo watermark in Microsoft Excel, now we will talk about how to create a text watermark in Excel.

As we know that if the logo watermark is often used as a company label, then the pen watermark is widely used as a document protective label.

Usually it is very important, for example, for national exam questions. There is a watermark of a really confidential document and so on.

Well, as for making watermarks in Ms Excel as follows.

Steps to Create a Watermark in Microsoft Excel

1. Open your Microsoft Excel worksheet.

2. After that you go to the menu tab Insert then open the menu dropdown Text .

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3. On part number 5 (reload icon) please you use it for play text well vertical or horizontal .

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How to Remove Watermark in Excel

The next step is to remove the watermark in Microsoft Excel, you can get rid of the watermark very easily if you feel uncomfortable when reading data in an Excel worksheet.

However, this technique can only be used for Ms Excel worksheets that are not locked or passworded. The only way you must know the password to open the Excel page.

Steps to Remove Watermark in Microsoft Excel

Logo Watermark

1. Please go to the menu tab Insert then click the dropdown menu Text select Header & Footer .

how to lock files in word hopefully not easy to copy and paste and edit by others.

Apart from that, at least inserting a watermark in Microsoft Excel can protect your worksheet files. However, if you are still not sure you can add a password to lock your Ms Excel file.

The tutorial on how to make a watermark on a Microsoft Excel worksheet with pen strokes and a logo above has been practiced by us and has proven successful. Adding text or watermark images in Excel will be easy if you use this technique

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