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How to Crop an Image in Word (Crop To Shape) Complete

Cropping an image is a photo editing technique that is useful for reducing the size of an object that is too large. In connection with this, this time we will try to crop images in Microsoft Word so that the writing or text looks neat.

Besides being known as a word processing program, it turns out that Ms Word has also been equipped with editing features, one of which is that we can cut images in Microsoft Word according to our goals, from simple shapes to following patterns or Crop to Shape.

Well, to crop an image in Word is arguably easier and simpler. It's not the same when using image design or editing applications such as CorelDraw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCad, Inkscape, and others.

Unfortunately, cropping images according to the shape of objects in Microsoft Word can't be done yet, this is due to the limited features in the document sheet-based application.

Well, to overcome these shortcomings you can edit them in special image editing applications both offline or online which are easier to use.

For those of you who want to know how to crop an image in a Microsoft Word worksheet, here's an explanation.

How to Crop Image in Microsoft

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5. If you have adjusted the size scale, please press Crop to crop the image in Microsoft Word.

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1. Crop to Shape

This feature allows you to be able to crop images in Ms Word according to the shape objects that have been decided, such as rounds, squares, triangles, and others.

1. Click Image on the Ms Word worksheet, open the dropdown menu Crop then select option Crop to Shape .

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2. Aspect Ratio

This feature will automatically crop the image object according to the ratio of the scale comparison both in landscape, portrait, and square.

1. Click the image object that you want to cut or crop, then click the menu dropdown Crop .

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3. Fill

Well, for those of you who want to crop images in Ms Word but still want to maintain the aspect ratio, this is the solution.

1. Click on the image then open the dropdown menu Crop and select Fill .

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4. Fit

If this one is more or less the same as the previous one, the image that is able to awaken does not change in size.

1. Click on the image object then open the dropdown menu Crop then select Fit .

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If you look at the cropping feature in Word, it's not possible to crop an image according to the shape of the object, it's only an aggressive form.

After that, for those of you who use MacBooks, you can also follow this image cropping guide in Word, because the point is the same for the operation of the application.

We have finished talking about image cropping techniques in Microsoft Word, hopefully it can help you reduce the size of the photo by cropping the image.

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