How to Deal with App Appears Alone on Android (Work)

author photo Juli 26, 2022
Many smartphone users have been annoyed by applications that suddenly appeared on their Android phones. This usually happens more often when we are browsing or connected to the internet.

Applications that appear on their own on Android can be caused by several things, one of which is because the system is infected with a virus or adware.

This virus is inserted into an apk that is already installed on our cellphone, then the application will automatically open itself periodically on the Android cellphone.

Most of them are in the form of flying advertisement pop ups that appear suddenly covering our cellphone screens.

As for others, it could be due to the application itself, it could be that the application is able to do work in secret.

The rest is to neutralize the application that appears on its own on Android by eliminating the suspected application.

At least with this method can slightly fix the problem on your cellphone. Well, for the steps you can read more about it in the post below.

But before that, let's talk about what causes the application to appear on its own on the Android phone.

Causes of Apps Appearing Alone on Android

There are many factors that cause Android applications to open on their own, one of which you may already recognize. Here are some of them.

Default Apps
There are several cellphone brands that intentionally provide special access to certain applications, this application can appear suddenly on your cellphone screen. Whether in the form of advertising or otherwise.

Continuously Active Applications
Maybe many already recognize that there are various applications that are able to do work in the background, for example for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media applications.

This type of apk is programmed like that, but there are some applications that we don't know that also have similar performance. This is what often makes us surprised and a little disturbed.

Viruses (Adware)
Viruses can arise and disrupt procedures in several ways, one of which is downloading and installing applications, even worse, they can look like certain applications.

As a result, many smart phone users unknowingly get infected by viruses because they are careless in installing applications.

Even though it only destroys the procedure, it will disturb the peace a little while scrolling through social media status.

So how do you stop applications that often come out on their own on an Android phone? Here's the review.

How to Overcome ApplicationsAppearing Alone on Android Phones

how to zoom in and out of Androidapp icons on Samsung phones really easily.

You can access it through the system below.

1. Open the dish Settings (Settings) on your Android phone, usually in the form of a gear or key icon.

2. Next you scroll down right on the menu chapter Application Manager , after that you slide to the menu tab All Applications (All Applications) to show a list of all the applications on your Android phone system.

how to deal with apps not installed on android phone which you can try now.

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how to fix android phone download and install the application yourself which proved successful.

The problem of an application that opens suddenly on an Android phone often makes us angry, so with this short tutorial, we will be able to solve it.

That's all for tips on how to deal with applications that often appear on their own on Android phones, see you in the next tips and guidance on this Gaskuy page.

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