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How to Disable Laptop Keyboard Temporarily & Permanently Completely

There are two types of computer keyboards, namely internal and external. It has a similar function but for durability, the internal keyboard is more prone to damage, one of which is a laptop keyboard, which often has a lot of keys loose or dislodged.

So how to fix the broken laptop keyboard? Well, to overcome this we can turn off the laptop keyboard to be replaced with an external keyboard. Alternative repairs at a more cost-effective cost than having to buy a new laptop keyboard.

As for how to disable the laptop keyboard, we can disable it temporarily or permanently. Just adapt to the situation.

An error or damaged laptop keyboard is usually caused by several similar factors.

Causes of a broken laptop keyboard

The causes that often cause damage to the laptop keyboard.

  • The keyboard contains other objects, such as stones or other things that make the keyboard keys dislodge or come off.
  • This general water spill keyboard is what often happens, as a result the keyboard keys don't work when pressed.
  • Keyboard keys are damaged due to excessive emphasis, generally this happens especially for those who like to play PC games.

Immediately following the trick to disable the keyboard on a laptop for all brands ranging from Asus, Lenovo, Hp, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, Dell, and others.

How to Disable Laptop

Keyboard using a laptop touchpad complete with 2/3 finger tricks together.

It is important to pay more attention before disabling the laptop keyboard, especially preparing the external mouse and keyboard. This is because you will have difficulty operating the laptop.

How to Permanently Disable Laptop Keyboard

1. Please open the dish Run by pressing the button Windows + R on the keyboard.

how to solve can't create folder in Windows 7 8 10 complete with pictures.

How to Activate the Keyboard on a Laptop

In addition, for those of you who want to reactivate the laptop keyboard, you can follow this guide.

The steps are more or less the same when we turn off the laptop keyboard above, only a few steps different.

Steps to Reactivate the Laptop Keyboard Correctly

1. You open Device Manager .

2. After that you Right click on Keyboard Standard PS/2 Keyboard choose Update Driver Software .

3. Select Browse my computer for driver software .

4. Then select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer .

5. At this stage please you put a tick or check list on options Show compatible hardware , to show supported devices. After that you can press the button Next .

Alt key function and Shift key function as well as F5 . key function completely.

Moreover, after we turn off the laptop keyboard, usually the furniture that is disrupted is the mouse and other devices.

You can activate the laptop mouse in the same way when you activate the keyboard above. Well, for other hardware can adjust.

You can tell that the device is not working properly is through the exclamation mark or warning that appears on the device.

Melalui bimbingan singkat cara menonaktifkan keyboard laptop yang rusak atau error ini agar mampu menolong Kamu dalam mengoptimalkan penggunaan keyboard eksternal senyaman mungkin tanpa takut terusik salah pencet tombol keyboard internal laptop lagi.

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