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How to Display the Keyboard on a Windows Laptop Screen (Practical)

On-Screen Keyboard or a virtual keyboard located on the main computer monitor screen for users of the Windows XP/7/8/10 operating system is one of the support features provided by Microsoft. This keyboard functions to replace the role of a laptop or PC keyboard that is damaged and does not work (Error).

As for activating it, users just need to bring up the On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) application through a simple command which you can read in the guide on how to show the keyboard on the laptop screen below.

Immediately, here's how to display the On-Screen Keyboard on a laptop.

How to Display theKeyboard on the Laptop

Screen the Alt keyfunction on the keyboard laptop or computer that is rarely understood by many people.

As a supplement to make it easier for you to access the On-Screen Keyboard, here's a trick to quickly create a keyboard on a laptop screen.

How to Display the On-Screen Keyboard on a Laptop Quickly

1. Right click on Desktop laptop screen.

the function of the F5 key on the keyboard on the Windows desktop screen complete with explanation.

How to Set Up On-Screen Keyboard

how to disable laptop keyboard temporary or permanent complete for the convenience of using an external keyboard without fear of pressing the wrong laptop keyboard button again.

You can try various alternatives to activate the keyboard buttons on the laptop screen one by one, choose the one that is easy to do.

The tutorial on how to make the keyboard keyboard on the laptop or computer screen and its settings can help you in using the On-Screen Keyboard virtual keyboard application in Windows operating procedures.

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