How to Enlarge Ram Hp Android Without Root & Latest Applications (Work)

author photo Juli 27, 2022
Your Android phone often lags or is slow, if so, there is a practical solution to overcome this, namely by adding HP RAM. The steps are really easy, we just need to add RAM on an Android cellphone with the desire to free up RAM capacity.

The limited capacity of Hp RAM can certainly slow down the performance of our smart phones. Usually the cause of full Android cellphone RAM is due to excessive use of applications and games.

Well, to see the RAM of the cellphone, you can evaluate the RAM on the Android cellphone through the following steps.

How to see the RAM of an Android cellphone

1. Please open the Settings menu on your Android phone.

2. After that you search in the Memory section, you will automatically see the RAM capacity on the Android cellphone.

3. You can recognize the RAM of the Android cellphone is full or not, if it is full you can clean the RAM of the Android cellphone with a RAM cleaning application to relieve RAM capacity.

After checking your cellphone's RAM, you can take the next action, which is to find out why the cellphone's RAM is loaded with the following steps.

Causes of Android Phone RAM Full Fast

1. There are applications running in the background of the Android operating system.

2. The factory default application that is active and running continuously in realtime.

3. There are applications that consume the RAM space capacity of the cellphone.

4. Maybe the reason is the RAM of the Android cellphone is too small so it gets full or crowded very quickly.

After watching and knowing your cellphone's RAM is full, then you can take the next steps to increase the RAM capacity of your Android cellphone through the tutorial below.

How to add RAM on anAndroid phone how to deal with

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However, if you feel the method is difficult to follow. You can still do maintenance so that the cellphone RAM is always relieved or not full which causes the cellphone display to be slow.

How to Overcome Androidcellphone RAM so that it

doesn't get full fast howto root Asus cellphones with modern applications that you can practice as soon as possible.

Uninstall App

One way to speed up the performance of your Android phone is to uninstall applications that are rarely used.

Please check the RAM of the Android cellphone, then pay attention to which applications are consuming the largest RAM. After that you can remove the application from your Android operating system.

As for how to delete applications on Android phones as follows.
  1. Please open the Settings menu (Settings).
  2. Then you go to the Applications section.
  3. Now you can decide which apps you want to remove.
  4. Finally you tap Uninstall to uninstall the apk from your Android.

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Disable Default Applications how

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It is important from all of this that we know that to include RAM in an Android cellphone, it must be done by upgrading or changing the physical or hardware parts, not by using applications or software.

A few tutorials on how to add RAM capacity on an Android cellphone without an application and without root with the procedure for replacing the emmc ic for faster and more responsive cellphone performance, not slow. More than that, there are also tips on how to treat Android cellphone RAM with the RAM Cleaner application and other systems so that you can free up the RAM space of the Android cellphone.

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