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How to Lock Ms Word Files Anti Copy & Edit 100% Safe

The mainstay feature of any document maker application that is often used is the protection or provision of file contents. One of them is in Microsoft Word, this application has allowed users to lock Ms Word files with a password or password so that they cannot be opened and edited by others without permission, especially first.

This is important for us to do, especially if the document is important, locking Microsoft Word files so that they cannot be copied or copied at least makes you as the owner of the document feel more secure from piracy steps.

Apart from that, there have been frequent file thefts or the like, especially for those who do work in the office. Simultaneous use of computers clearly opens up opportunities for word files to be copied or hijacked.

In response to this, the Gaskuy.com page will review how to give a password to your Microsoft Word file easily without being complicated.

How to Lock MicrosoftWord Files how

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How to Open a Locked Word File

1. Go back to the menu tab File .

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2. Locking Word Files So It Can't Be Edited

1. Just like before, we go to the menu tab File Ms. Word.

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This feature allows other people to only read Microsoft Word document files without being able to edit or delete anything.

As for how to remove the password on the Microsoft Word document file, it's quite easy following the tutorial.

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How to Remove Password in Word Files

1. You just open the Ms Word worksheet, next you press the Stop Protection button usually at the bottom right. However, if you don't find it, please go to the menu tab Review choose Restrict Editing last click Stop Protection .

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3. Locking Word Files So It Can't Be Copied on Certain Writings

1. Open your Ms Word document worksheet.

2. Please select which part of the text you want to remain editable, otherwise just leave the text you want to protect .

3. If you have entered the menu tab Review then open the menu dropdown Restrict Editing .

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How to Open Password Protected Word Files

1. The worksheet is open, please go to the menu tab Review then open Restrict Editing .

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Another alternative way to protect Ms Word document files from theft is to use a watermark or watermark on every Microsoft Word worksheet. You can patent your writing indirectly by offering a copyright label.

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Sometimes we really need to do this when the file is very important and by locking the Microsoft Word document file, we can at least avoid copying and pasting the document which is certainly able to harm us as the rightful owner. Hopefully this short guide to giving passwords to Ms Word files is useful in protecting your documents.

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