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How to Make Cool Writing in Microsoft Word (Graffiti)

Various fascinating features of the Ms Word word processing program, one of which we can create cool writing in Microsoft Word.

Through the WordArt feature we are able to create beautiful writing in Microsoft Word with cool graffiti styles and models.

In addition, the option of various cool writing fonts in Ms Word also makes the effect of the text even more contradictory.

Well, to add an amazing visual effect the use of a large font or alphabet is highly recommended.

Other tips talk how to change PowerPoint background with your own pictures for a more dazzling slideshow.

Especially for the header or the top title of the brochure so that the text looks bright and striking to attract people's attention.

Apart from that, you can apply all the guidelines for writing WordArt in Microsoft Word for all versions of Ms Office starting from 2007, 2010, 2013, to 2016.

For those of you who don't know how to make a round chart in Excel really easy and fast.

Immediately following the tutorial how to create cool pen strokes in Microsoft Word.

How to Make CoolWriting in Word how

to make writing overpictures in Ms Word latest complete with supporting images.

The continuation is below.

Steps to Make Cool Writing in Word with WordArt

1. Open a Microsoft Word program on your computer or laptop.

2. Then open a blank worksheet which we want to fill in text or writing, you can write anything freely here I write Gaskuy.com as an example.

how to cross out in Microsoft Word along with how to remove the scribbled text.

Here you can make cool graffiti writing with Microsoft Word, of course through the settings in this Shape Format.

The combination of 3D formatting and rotation will cause a more prominent graffiti effect coupled with the help of shadow and color effects.

Trick how to rotate pen strokes in Word vertically or tilted to the upside for a clearer text appearance.

Creating WordArt text in Word itself is arguably quite easy and helps for simple text editing without the hassle of using troublesome editing software.

The tutorial on how to make cool pen strokes in Microsoft Word that we have discussed so that you can beautify the appearance of text with a stylish and beautiful font (character) version and support to enlarge the effect of concrete graffiti.

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