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How To Make Up & Down In Word (M2-X2)

Writing numbers to the power of maybe we often do, especially when creating formulas for Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. It is no exception to create a power of 2 above or below the stroke of the pen in Microsoft Word which in fact uses a lot of the Equation Tool functions which are a bit more complicated.

Well, in this issue we will learn how to create ranks in Microsoft Word more easily without the Equation Tool.

Only by relying on the Superscript function we can create rank posts in Word which is certainly much easier and faster.

Making promotions in Word is a bit of a hassle, especially if there are a lot of things to do. Well, to get around this I usually use the old copy and paste technique, just edit and adjust it.

Immediately, the following tutorial creates a power of 2 in Ms Word immediately that you can follow.

How to make exponentsin Microsoft Word

how to create romannumerals in Ms Word for more professional page binding.

2. Creating Top Rank in Word

Same as before, the only difference is the position of the rank above.

More often used for writing mathematical formulas such as x to the power of 2 and m to the power of 2.

1. Go to the menu tab Home then enter the formula you want to make here I write y = a2x+5x . Later writing 2x+5x will be made a rank and rise to the top.

how to create a table in PowerPoint complete with pictures plus how to create a circular chart in Excel .

For those of you who want to make a rank m or x in Microsoft Word is also able, here's the picture.

how to make degree symbol in word as for example. You can also create splits (springs) or roots with this feature.

How to Restore Rank in Word Like Before

For those of you who want to restore or neutralize ranks in Microsoft Word, the method is quite easy.

Please you press the Superscript icon once again , then the epaulets in Word will automatically disappear. You can also use keyboard shortcuts.

Advanced stages how to make a formula in word use of functions of roots and orders in Mathematics and others.

Apart from all the tutorials, you can apply this rank to all models of Microsoft Word from 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. Well, for MacBook users, you can customize it. Because more or less the same method.

This guide on how to create a rank in Microsoft Word has been practiced by me, so don't hesitate to try it. Hopefully it will help you in writing formulas that work with the use of epaulets, either numbers or writing.

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