How to make writing on a complete Microsoft Word image

author photo Juli 24, 2022
Have or often come across the writing of a pen on a picture or photo, usually we often find it in a quote aphorisms. From these trivial things, it often comes to mind, how do you write a pen on the image. Well, in this guide series we will review and practice it specifically in Microsoft Word.

Actually, to include text in an image in MS Word is arguably really easy and does not require advanced skills, therefore this procedure is more widely used than having to use image editing software such as Photoshop and Corel.

Although it is considered less than optimal, inserting an image in Microsoft Word can be a plus for a Word document. Adding text to images in MS Word actually shows a more stylish and meaningful impression.

More than that, generally, to make pen strokes on images in Microsoft Word, we need a background or background that supports the message we want to convey. The important thing that should not be forgotten is the harmony of meaning and the theme that is delivered.

Immediately following the tutorial for creating pen strokes in MS Word images that you can learn below.

How to Write Text on Image in Microsoft Word

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At this point, you have actually succeeded in writing text on Microsoft Word photos. However, if you intend to beautify it again. You can add a shape frame, like this.

How to Create Text over Shapes in Microsoft Word

Usually a shape is included to show the embossed effect on the stroke, much like having a hanging chalkboard. As a result, the text on the image will look more attractive.

Steps to Create Text on Shape in Microsoft Word

1. Please go to the tab Insert then select Shapes then make sure the style of the shapes. In this example I use Rectangle Shape .
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A few tips when typing text in an image, use a font color or font that contrasts with the background color, for example, if the background color is dark, using a font with a lighter color is recommended.

In addition, to create pen strokes over images in Microsoft Word, it will be more alive if you include supporting ornaments or knick-knacks. Giving a document frame or the like will look more attractive and professional. 

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