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How to Neutralize Lines in Microsoft Excel [+Image]

Have you ever thought about removing or removing lines in a Microsoft Excel worksheet? Usually, we don't do this when we have to follow a similar writing format for titles in a table.

In addition, we also often remove lines in Excel, especially when printing a worksheet or workbook.

Furthermore, to format Ms Excel spreadsheets by neutralizing some lines in Excel until we are able to do the whole thing.

Through the simple settings and tips that CuteAnts wants to share in this article, removing borders in Excel is not a troublesome problem.

How to Remove Lines in Excel

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You can also remove gridlines in Microsoft Excel via the settings menu.

1. Go to menu tab File in Microsoft Excel.

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How to Remove Lines in Excel for Headings

1. Run Microsoft Excel program, then go to menu tab Home .

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Now you have been able to remove lines or boxes in Ms Excel. Well, to neutralize the lines in Excel when they are printed so they don't get printed together, you don't need to do it.

This is because the guide lines or gridlines do not print out, the reason is that their benefits are only limited to guide lines to guide us in managing data in Excel.

Super tricks how to group data in Ms Excel automatically without the hassle of lingering.

A worksheet or workbook by default in Microsoft Excel is composed of a series of rows and columns either horizontally or vertically in the form of rectangular boxes that are useful in compiling and tidying data collection or better known as Gridlines.

Deleting or removing gridlines in Microsoft Excel is quite helpful in cleaning the worksheet. Although the actual function is specifically to make it easier for us to compile and add using formulas in Excel.

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