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How to Overcome Usable Ram Windows 10/8/7 32Bit & 64Bit

The problem of laptop RAM (PC) not being read completely or usable RAM is indeed a frequent occurrence on Windows 7/8/10 computers. As for how to deal with usable RAM in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, it's really easy.

This is because repairing usable RAM in Windows only requires a few simple settings.

Now for further clarification on what usable RAM means in Windows, here's the review.

What does usable RAM mean?

Understanding Usable RAM

Usable RAM is the ability of Windows to use computer RAM, usable RAM is identical to the lack of the Windows operating system in maximizing actual RAM performance.

For example, for 4GB RAM it reads 2GB and 8GB RAM usable 5GB, both problems are half RAM read or RAM is not full.

As a result, this unreadable RAM will be wasted because only half of the usable is used. Now it's clear that it's not about what usable RAM means.

Furthermore, there are several causes of usable laptop RAM, here are some of them.

Causes of Usable Laptop RAM

1. Minimum Windows Operating System Specification

Windows OS on computers is divided into two types, namely Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit.

Well, of the two operating system models, there are those that are equipped with the ability to run small programs (applications) with not too heavy performance (Windwos 32 bit).

On the other hand, Microsoft also offers a 64-bit version of Windows to work on applications with a high minimum specification.

So it's not strange if we use the 32-bit version of Windows 7/8/10, we will certainly have problems with Usable Installed Memory (RAM). This relates to the maximum capacity that can be carried out by the 32-bit version of Windows.

2. Limited Motherboard Capabilities

One of the disadvantages of using an old computer device that can be tasted is its performance.

Motherboard specifications in the past were still limited, especially for the middle class. Older motherboards can't read more than 2GB of RAM.

This certainly causes the RAM to not be read as a whole, especially for today where the minimum capacity of PC RAM that is widely used is 4GB.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this type of single rank (single sided) motherboard has begun to be abandoned. This is because of its limited performance and capabilities.

More than that, this motherboard can only read 1 RAM memory slot, for the use of 2 RAM slots it can't be maximized because it only reads 1 slot.

Short tutorial how to install computer motherboard completely completely.

3. Windows Operating System

You often encounter usable RAM issues in Windows 7, if so this is not surprising. The reason for this type of Windows 7 has a limited ability to read RAM capacity.

Different from Windows 8 and 10 which have been able to read the RAM capacity much better.

  • Windows 7 Starter Edition optimal limit of RAM that can be read is 2GB.
  • Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home, and Enterprise maximum limit of RAM that can be read is 4GB.

4. Using Onboard VGA

The default VGA (Onboard VGA) on this computer has several shortcomings, one of which requires complementary RAM which will be taken from Windows RAM memory.

This Onboard VGA or Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) will require VRAM memory from RAM, which will eventually cause usable RAM problems in Windows. This is because of the shared memory performance procedures that we get a lot on the type of Intel HD and AMD APU processors.

The good news is for ATI or NVidea type display adapters that are supported by independent RAM. As a result, its performance will not disturb the RAM in Windows.

Do you know anything yet? computer power supply function see the reviews.

5. Damaged RAM

The cause of this usable RAM may rarely be found, but it is possible that it can happen.

RAM damage can cause the RAM to not be fully read, the solution is usually by changing a new RAM chip.

Some other causes of Windows usable RAM such as BIOS settings (BIOS Settings) that are not perfect and the Operating System settings (OS Settings) are wrong.

Next we will repair Windows usable RAM through the methods below to maximize the RAM.

How to Overcome Usable RAM in

Windows 7/8/10 computerprocessor function which you must understand.

how to clean laptop RAM the dirty one turned out to be really easy.

The role and function of computer RAM is indeed quite helpful in accelerating the process of reading data and allowing the computer to be able to work multitasking to store temporary data.

Therefore, if the use of RAM cannot be maximized and only reads half of it, it is very unfortunate.

This tutorial on how to handle Windows 7/8/10 usable RAM on a laptop or computer can be practiced for all computer brands. Done with tips on fixing RAM that doesn't read full, see you and look forward to other charming tips.

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