How to Permanently Make F4 Paper Size in Word

author photo Juli 22, 2022
The F4 or Folio paper format may be very familiar, especially for those of you who often print documents. However, this type of HVS paper is not yet available in the Microsoft Word word processing application, which in fact we often use to create documents.

From this, the Gaskuy page will show you a few tips on how to create an F4 paper size in Microsoft Word. At least with this guide you won't find it difficult anymore to print Ms Word worksheets that are often cut off by writing.

The difference between the print format and the paper size does make the print ink less than optimal and the writing is difficult to read because it is cut off.

In this tutorial, also offers F4 paper size formats in CM and Inches, so for those of you Microsoft Word users with CM or Inchi default size settings, you can follow this tutorial to make F4 paper size in Ms Word.

Immediately for those of you who are curious about how to create F4 paper in Word.

How to Make F4Paper Size in Microsoft

Word Inch to Cmsize in Microsoft Word the.

At this point, you have been able to set the F4 paper size as desired on the Microsoft Word worksheet.

However, for those of you who want to save the F4 format settings permanently. You can follow the tutorial below.

For those who are new to data processing applications from Microsoft about how to create a new document and save it in Excel

How to Permanently Make F4 Paper Size in Word

1. Still on the menu pop up Page Setup please enter the section Paper .

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Through this method, at least you have not used legal or letter paper size formats as a substitute. You have been able to print the page completely or in full paper without fear of cutting the pen again.

Another alternative to making the paper size F4 is that you can change the settings on the printer machine that you are using. Please select the F4 format for the resulting document.

Read other charming articles about how to make a border in word according to the margin Hopefully the worksheet will be neater and not cut off.

However, this system often does not work well, especially for certain types of printer machines that do not yet support it. As a result, the text is still truncated.

The tutorial on how to make an F4 paper size in Microsoft Word is needed to be able to help those of you who are still having trouble because the print results are not satisfactory with text that is still cut off.

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