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How to Reduce Powerpoint (Ppt) File Size on Cellphones & Laptops

How to reduce PowerPoint file size? For those of you who are confused about reducing the PPT file size online or offline, you can listen to this review. Reducing or reducing the size of the PowerPoint file can stretch and speed up the upload process when delivering PPT files via email.

When we upload our PPT file to an email with a large size, of course it will take much longer if the network connection is slow. Therefore we need to compress the PowerPoint file before sending it or sharing it with friends online.

You can reduce the size of the PowerPoint file by saving image or image quality, the reason being that the writing or text itself is still not optimal. You can work on changing the image format to another, lighter format in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Immediately following the guide to shrink PowerPoint files online and offline.

How to Reduce PowerPoint

File Size using Google Drive and Mega. Please upload the file then copy the file link and paste it into your PowerPoint slide.

Well, to do this, we must always be connected to the internet to open the video or file that we have linked in the presentation slide.

V. Compress PPT Files with WinRAR

How to compress PowerPoint files using WinRAR can actually help reduce the size of the PPT file, you can shrink it with just a few simple steps below.

Steps to Compress PowerPoint Files with WinRAR

1. You select PPT file which you want to reduce in size, by Right click then select Add to Archive to include the file in the WinRAR event.

How to Compress PDF Files Into 200kb

The results using this technique are quite satisfactory, the PPT file shrinks in size by a fairly large difference.

Tutorial on how to reduce the PPT file size online or offline using WinRAR that we can do on laptops and Android phones. This PowerPoint file compress is often run to reduce the PPT size so that it is easy when send PPT file via gmail atau WA.

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