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How to Remove Red Green Blue Lines in Word Complete

For those of you who often actively open Ms Word worksheets, of course you know how it feels when typing then colorful wavy lines appear under writing like red, green, and blue. The text becomes difficult to read, so we have to delete or remove the red line in Microsoft Word so that the document is easier to read.

As for how to neutralize red lines in Word, it's very easy, this is because the presence of red lines under writing or text is not caused by events when copying from the internet to Microsoft Word.

Rather it comes from the Microsoft Word program default settings which apply to all models starting from 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

This setting makes it easier for users to analyze the spelling of each word whether it is right or wrong. If it is true then the red line will not appear and vice versa if it is wrong it will appear automatically.

Unfortunately, the default language in Ms Word is English, so if we type in Indonesian, we will find lots of wavy red lines in Microsoft Word because we assume that the writing we type is wrong because it is not from English.

Unlike the green line in Microsoft Word, the green line under the writing appears because the grammar you typed in the worksheet is wrong based on the English word order. Its function is more or less the same as the blue line in Word.

After reading the brief explanation above, now you know what causes the wavy red line to suddenly appear under the writing in Microsoft Word.

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Next we will try to remove the red and green lines in Microsoft Word really easily and quickly as summarized in the post below.

How to Remove RedLines in Word How

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This tutorial is divided into two parts, namely for old and new Ms Word models.

Steps to Remove Red Lines in Microsoft Word 2010

1. Please open the Microsoft Word application on your computer or laptop.

2. If you have you can press Office Button which is in the top left corner.

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Steps to Remove Red Lines in Microsoft Word 2016

1. Please open the Microsoft Word software on your PC or computer.

2. Then you enter the menu tab File to open settings in Ms Word.

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So how do you make the red line in Microsoft Word look the same as before? Here's the review.

How to Show Red Lines in Word

Please do the same thing as when you disable the spelling and grammar check feature in Microsoft Word.

More or less the same method as we discussed above, the only difference is that we check or check again for the Check spelling as you type and Mark grammar errors as you type options.

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The Red Line Function in Word

As for the use or benefit of the red line in Ms Word, this is quite helpful in terms of correcting word misspellings.

In addition to spelling that can be improved, it turns out that we can also more easily evaluate the word order whether it is grammatically appropriate or not by the presence of a green line under the writing on the Microsoft Word worksheet.

This tutorial on how to neutralize red lines in general Microsoft Word or 365 is not just for PCs. For you MacBook users, you can also apply it, because the method is almost the same.

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