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How to Use Touchpad Laptops and Notebooks of All Brands

Touchpad we often encounter on laptops or notebooks, the touchpad that functions to take over the role of the mouse turns out to have many advantages. However, we often find it difficult to use the touchpad on this laptop. It only makes sense to happen when we are not used to something that is still new.

The faster the growth of touchpad technology, laptops have experienced a lot of progress, both in terms of comfort and functionality. For example, Microsoft's touchpad already carries Precision Touchpad technology with a high level of precision and sweet gestures.

In addition, for the Macbook touchpad from Apple, it can be said to be superior in terms of features with optimal ability and peace. However, keep in mind that to maximize the use of touphad for both Windows and MacOS, you must first install the touchpad driver, this is to enable all laptop touchpad functions.

How to Use the Touchpad on a Laptop

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The tutorial on how to recognize and use the touchpad gesture will be more optimal if you practice on Window 10, for Windows 7 and 8 it is not optimal. Because there are some commands that can not be executed perfectly. So first for a brief guide on how to use a laptop and notebook touchpad on Windows, hopefully it can help those of you who need it.

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