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How to Watch Apps Running on a Windows 10/8/7 Laptop

One of the mandatory rituals for Windows computer users is to see the running applications. We generally do this activity to monitor the performance of the CPU and Memory which if it is too high can make the laptop or PC slow to lag.

Well, to see the applications that are still running on the laptop. We can use Windows default programs such as the Task Manager application.

Through the Task Manager we are able to find out what applications are running in the background or vice versa.

This Task Manager application is installed on Windows 10/8/7 by default, so we don't need to install it again on our computers.

Immediately following the guide to check the application running on a Windows laptop.

How to View Running Applications on Laptop

Deleted Recycle Bin in Windows all series.

Usually browser applications require a lot of memory.

Task Manager chapters

  • Well, for the tab Performance You can monitor the display of CPU and Memory usage.
  • In addition to tab Networking You can monitor this when you are connected to the internet network.
  • As for the tab Services this is a list of what services are available on our computer or laptop.
  • Last for tab User is a list of profiles of Windows users.
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Check Applications Running in Windows PowerShell

1. Press the button Windows+R to open the Run menu.

how to handle Windows usable RAM 10/8/7 so that it is fully used.

Background Running Apps

disable laptop keyboard temporary or permanent.

There are several benefits of seeing what applications are running on the laptop, at least we can monitor the performance of the Windows operating method whether it is still normal or not. Usually CPU and Memory conditions that are close to 100% often cause problems.

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