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How to Write Arabic in Word with Complete Harakat

We have often done Arabic writing on paper, so what if we want to write Arabic in Microsoft Word? Of course, it is not easy to type Arabic script on the Ms Word worksheet, especially with the type of computer or laptop keyboard that does not support it at all.

In response to this, the Gaskuy.com page will explore it in guidance on how to write Arabic in Word with complete vowels.

In addition, we have also prepared tips for creating Arabic script in Word so that it is not reversed, the article is to write correct Arabic from right to left which is very different from the normal text writing style.

More than that, through its supporting features, we can make complete Arabic writing, not just letters, but also we can write Arabic numbers in Microsoft Word.

Apart from that, all Arabic is not installed on Windows by default, for that reason we have a little trouble writing Arabic in Word. Especially for those of you who want to make it on an Android phone or iPhone, of course it will be more troublesome.

Instead of taking time, we will personally practice writing Arabic in Ms Word through the following guide.

How to Write GoodArabic in Microsoft Word

how to change thedefault font in Excel let the writing delicious read.

The steps for changing from English to Arabic on a computer are as follows.

1. Please press the button Windows here I am using Windows 10, for the other versions it is more or less the same and only slightly different.

how to create hyperlinks in PowerPoint between ppt slides for more dazzling and clear presentations.

2. Run the On-Screen Keyboard Application

On Screen Keyboard is very useful for typing hijaiyah or Arabic alphabets in Microsoft Word worksheets. The reason is that it is impossible for us to replace our computer keyboard with the Arabic version.

Now, with this application loan, it is easier for us to interpret each character, because the adjustment between hijaiyah characters and ordinary characters is made through on-screen keyboard application support.

As for how to activate the On Screen Keyboard in Windows as follows.

1. Press the button Windows then type On Screen Keyboard like in the image below.

strokes of a pen over an image in Microsoft Word to make the quote more alive and meaningful.

3. Typing Arabic Letters in Word

The last stage of the process of writing Arabic characters in Microsoft Word, you can directly write Arabic and its vowels by using the symbol function in Ms Word.

Writing Arabic script in Microsoft Word can actually also be run with the help of Arabic script applications that you can download online.

However, if it can still be offline, why don't we just try it. Here are the steps you have to do to enter the hijaiyah script.

1. Open the Microsoft Word application, then select Blank Document .

how to rotate pen strokes in Ms Word vertically and tilted for a more embossed text effect.

4. Giving Harakat to Hijaiyah Letters in Microsoft Word

To make Arabic writing even sweeter, you can also add punctuation marks or vowels to the hijaiyah character.

The addition of this vowel is really very useful for beautifying Arabic writing, especially for those of you who want to create calligraphy or even just write names in Arabic.

1. Please open the menu tab Insert then Login to Symbols .

how to strike out a pen stroke in Microsoft Word to edit the document seemed easier.

How to Copy Arabic Writing from Website to Ms Word

1. Please look for hadith or fragments of verses of the Qur'an to be entered into Ms Word. You can search for it on Google or something else.

how to create cool pen strokes in Word with the graffiti effect WordArt feature.

More than that, for you Android or iPhone cellphone users, you can also follow it because you only need to copy and paste. In addition to Ms Word, many smartphone users write Arabic scripts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Well, for the tutorial, you can directly look for it on this Gaskuy.com page.

Now it's easy instead of making Arabic writing in Microsoft Word, generally we need this to make questions about Islamic studies or other needs.

This tutorial on how to write Arabic script in Microsoft Word with these vows may be able to help you do your role at school or agency.

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