Understanding and Differences in Bits and Bytes on a Computer (+Example)

author photo Juli 26, 2022
What is the difference between a bit and a byte on a computer? This question is sometimes asked, especially for those who are not familiar with the meaning of bits and bytes, which are far different from each other. 

More than that bits and bytes on the internet may be very familiar with the speed of uploading and downloading files on our cellphone or computer hardware.

Before we go further into discussing what are the differences between bits and bytes on the internet, we will briefly review what is meant by bits and bytes on the computer that you often use.

Explain the meaning of bits and bytes?

Functions of the Alt Key on a Computer Keyboard

The understanding of bits and bytes and the relationship between them, both from the definition of each, we have reviewed together to the difference between bits and bytes on computers along with examples of approximate bits and bytes themselves. 

 Hopefully this clarification can provide an image of the world of computers and the internet. Also Read: How to Attach the Motherboard to the Computer Case

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