Understanding and Functions of Computer Power Supply (Type + How it Works)

author photo Juli 25, 2022
Power Supply Unit (PSU) on computers we may have known before where this section is in the form of a square box inside the CPU and is above the power jack.

What is a Power Supply?

Understanding Computer Power

Supply functions ofcomputer processor along with how it works.

Apart from that all Power Supply is generally divided into two types based on the design, namely:

Internal Power Supply namely the Power Supply that has been arranged and connected to the Motherboard or into a single unit in the device. For example, on TV sets and Amplifiers and DVD Players.

External Power Supply namely the Power Supply which is arranged separately from the Motherboard of the device. For example, on cellphone and laptop chargers.

Also read tutorials how to attach the motherboard to the CPU case complete with supporting images.

From the review of the understanding of the Power Supply and its functions, we can draw the conclusion that this PSU has a vital role in maintaining the stability of the electric current voltage.

A complete discussion of the understanding and functions as well as how to work to the types of Power Supply Units (PSU) can increase knowledge in knowing more about computer or PC hardware.

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