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Understanding Fup on Complete Unlimited Internet Packages

What is the meaning of FUP on internet packages, sometimes we hear this parable when we want to shop for unlimited internet quota packages. Many providers have offered these packages, for example for Indosat, Axis, Tri (3), Smartfren, Telkomsel, XL, and Indihome cards.

Understanding FUP on Internet Packages

bits and bytes on the internet that we often hear

Example of Internet Package FUP Restrictions

For example, when we shop for an unlimited monthly internet package of 1.5 GB, it means that we as connoisseurs of cellular card services only get 1.5 GB for normal use and without reducing the speed of internet access.

During that one month, if you spend 1.5 GB quota prematurely, your reasonable usage limit will automatically run out and your internet line speed will be limited according to the provisions of the package.

So don't be surprised if the internet speed is slow or slow because the reason is that it has been exposed to FUP, generally cellular operators decide different rules for this FUP limit. There are those whose internet channel speed is only 128 Kbps or even less.

You are still able to access the internet for a full month but with restricted internet access (FUP).

This FUP also has various forms of application, not only that. We are also able to experience it in the form of monthly unlimited internet quota packages, where we are given daily usage limits for speed and quota usage limits.

Usually this is known as the Daily FUP where we get a fair usage limit after going through the FUP, although we are still able to access the internet with a limited amount of quota. For example, we get a quota of 300 MB every day for a full month. Using more than that will be slow or even impossible.

The solution for how to handle FUP for unlimited internet quota packages yourself is to save on internet usage, usually the quota will be more wasteful or run out quickly when opening pages in the form of images and videos.

Social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and pages that contain various images and videos will certainly make quotas subject to FUP faster.

What is prohibited is to miss the complete understanding of wireless networks and their application references.

How to Overcome Internet Package FUP

The way to deal with internet FUPs that I generally do is to access the site via the mobile page. For example, when we want to open facebook, then I will add the character m to the url address like this https://www. m .facebook.com

Please open the link, it will automatically respond when it is opened and of course be able to reduce your internet quota usage.

An explanation of what FUP is on an unlimited internet package so that it can answer your curiosity so far is mainly for understanding the reasonable usage limit or Fair Usage Policy.

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