Understanding Wireless [How It Works + Pros & Cons]

author photo Juli 25, 2022
What is a Wireless network? Wireless is often associated with WiFi networks, this is because this network is wireless or wireless as a connector. In addition, the benefits and functions of this wireless are various, ranging from easy accessibility because it does not require a cable as a connector to the convenience that it can be used anywhere.

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What is a wireless radio?

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So now you know that fire is WiFi and Wireless? That's pretty much the explanation.

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Disadvantages of Wireless Network

The shortcomings of this wireless network may have often been enjoyed, including the following.

1. The data transfer speed is not optimal, this is because the mediator used is only a signal and not a cable.

2. Very prone to interference, usually the reason is the weather is cloudy or rainy, the wireless network signal will decrease in speed or slow when used.

3. Very vulnerable to data theft because all are able to connect to the network even though it has been protected by a security system or wireless security.

4. More and more people use wireless networks, usually the data transfer speed is shrinking or the network is slow.

5. Often delays occur generally because the quality of the signal obtained is not beautiful.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of wireless networks that may not be strange anymore and we often experience.

The limitations on wireless start from the history of wireless development, understanding wireless networks, how wireless or wireless networks work, to the advantages and disadvantages of wireless (wireless networks) that are often felt. 

The wireless network (WiFI) is a reward for those of you who want to experience more data transfer speeds, because the use of cellular data on the SIM card tends to be more wasteful and not optimal, especially for those who live in mountainous areas which of course limit the signal to enter Android phones. or your laptop.

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