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What is Cwm Recovery on Android? Meaning and use

ClockworkMod or better known as CWM Recovery is a custom recovery tool for Android phone systems.

The CWM Recovery function on Android is not much opposite to TWRP, it's just that CWM is equipped with several similar features below.

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After the phone is rooted, you can install CWM Recovery on the Android phone.

Then you just need to install some basic needs such as ROM Manager and others.

Apart from that, so that the CWM Recovery installation is successful, make sure you have downloaded the correct ISO file (usually in zip form) for your smartphone device model.

You can directly search for it on Google search, like this.

Download the Latest CWM Recovery Flash Zip

Usually there are many who offer raw files from various smartphone brands such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Huawei, Advan, Lenovo, HTC, and others.

When the CWM Recovery installation process on Android is complete, you can open several features that have similar functions below.

Command MenuCWM Recovery Android

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Wipe Cache Partition

Surely you already know its function, yes, you can delete junk files (junk files) in the operating procedures for Android phones.

We often use this option to deal with slow Android phones or hang frequently.

Wipe Data

This menu is very familiar once we use it, especially for resetting Android phones. For example, you can read articles xiaomi phone reset this.

Factory Reset allows the device operating system to be returned to factory settings (Default System).

This command is capable of deleting all files on your Android smartphone, so it's a good idea to back up any important files first before doing so.

Mounts and Storage

Through this menu you can carry out maintenance, especially for internal and external Android operating systems.

In this menu you can unmount the partition and format the partition directly.

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Backup and Restore

This menu allows us to back up files before executing the format operation method.

Usually the location of the file storage to be cleaned is the internal system, try to back up important files on an external method such as MicroSD or can be uploaded online.


The advanced menu of CWM Recovery where this command is rarely used, but maybe you need it.

There are many submenus such as Reboot recovery, Wipe dalvik cache, Wipe battery stats, Report error, Key test, Show log, Fix permissions, and Partition sdcard.

Each of these submenus has its own function and role, you can use it as needed.

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Actually, there are many more that we can peel about what are the features of this CWM, but at least this brief guide can help you in using CWM Recovery on Android.

You can update CWM Recovery on Android to receive the latest feature updates, or if you want to get another model you can remove the CWM Recovery and install modern CWM as expected.

Hopefully a little picture of the meaning or what is meant by CWM Recovery on Android can help you, especially for those of you who like operating cellphones.

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